Wednesday, May 16, 2012

National Kids to Parks Day

City of Delray Beach Parks and Recreation, National Kids to Parks Day, Pompey Park.
May 19, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm FREE
The entire family is welcome to join us for a variety of recreational games, swimming, and general play at Pompey Park! Pompey Pool (free admission): games, water safety, cannonball contest
Arts and Crafts
Field Events: Sack Race, Water Balloon Toss, 3-legged race
Football Throw, Soccer Slalom
Basketball: H.O.R.S.E., 3-point contest, spot shooting
Crazy Games
Playground, Free Snacks Mayor Nelson S. "Woodie" McDuffie recently proclaimed National Kids to Parks day in Delray Beach and encourages locals to participate by exploring Pompey Park.A special commemorative National Kids to Parks Day is being planned for 10:00 am until 1:00 pm at Pompey Park, and all are invited to start their day of play there and adventure out to all Delray Beach's other outdoor spaces throughout the day.For more information on National Kids to Parks Day at Pompey Park, please contact Danielle Beardsley at (561) 243-7277 or beardsleyd@mydelraybeach.comAbout National Kids to Parks Day Thousands of children nationwide, including here in Delray Beach will take part in a grassroots movement to reclaim America’s parks through play on Saturday, May 19, to commemorate National Park Trust’s (NPT) second annual National Kids to Parks Day.At a time when an obesity epidemic touches nearly 1 in 3 children who are either overweight or obese, communities are witnessing sky-rocketing rates of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and elevated cholesterol levels in children. Like Delray Beach, other cities across the nation are committing to a simple motto: “active kids are healthy kids” and encouraging their residents to use National Kids to Parks Day as the first of many days spent outdoors, at local parks and recreation sites, to develop more active, healthy lifestyles.NPT is working with numerous cities and towns included those affiliated with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Cities and Towns program, which is designed to encourage mayors and elected officials to adopt policies and programs that create systemic changes, reducing childhood obesity. Mayor McDuffie joins mayors across the country, from Le Paso, to Santa Fe, to Reading and to Orlando, Florida, who have signed official proclamations declaring May, 19th National Kids to Parks Day in their city or town. This growing list of mayors has committed to urge their citizens to make time on May 19 to take the children and grandchildren in their lives to a neighborhood, state or national park.We encourage residents to visit and sign up so that local families can be counted in the national tally. Then, on May 19, families are encouraged to visit a park or recreation area and submit photos of their adventures to for possible inclusion in NPT’s national map commemorating the day.National Kids to Parks Day has been endorsed by Department of Interior’s Youth in the Great Outdoors, America’s State Parks, American Academy of Pediatrics, National Education Association, Children’s National Medical Center, Boy Scouts of America, US Army Corps of Engineers, Children & Nature Network, National Environmental Education Foundation and officially in support of the First Lady’s Let Move Outside! initiative to get more youth and families to be active and live healthier. ABOUT NATIONAL PARK TRUST
National Park Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving parks today and creating park stewards for tomorrow. As people spend more time indoors and as successive generations grow up with less of a connection to nature, NPT wants to build a greater awareness and appreciation for the importance of our country's public lands and parks. To learn more about our work visit, or our website for children

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